Example Frame
    Multiple suppliers , multiple benefits covering multiple events. Full, Limited or Non-Advice models to match your need & budget. You have the choice to Choose!
    Will they be financially independant, if you died prematurely? Would they loose their income stream? Would they be exposed to debt they can't service? Life cover will negate these issues!
    Life Cover
    Life insurance will remove debt for your family if you died from cancer, do the same, if you survive! Cover up to forty-eight events! Trauma cover gives you the choice, to choose!
    Trauma Insurance
    Life can change in a Milli-second. Would your Family, your Future, your Retirement plans, your Dreams be at risk if you could never work again? Total and Permanent Disablement will cover this event!
    Total and Permanent Disability Cover
    Can you survive without your income? How would your Mortgage/rent be paid? Who will put food on your table? What is the longest holiday you can take before you need to get back to work? Insure the "front door" to your future, your Income!
    Income Protection
    Can you jump the medical waiting list or will you wait until your condition gets worse, to get better?  Can you fund the newer non-subsidized designer drugs? With Private medical cover, you can choose to get better today!
    Medical Cover
    "Cash is King" You insure your business plant, machinery and buildings, why not "YOUR KEYPEOPLE"? Revenue leads to profit. Would your profit be impacted if a Key Person died or was disabled? Use revenue contracts to provide cashflow!
    Revenue Cover
    Shareholder Equity is a valiuable asset. Protect it, using Shareholder's cover. Could your co-shareholders fund out the value of your equity to your estate, if you died or could never work again?
    Shareholder Cover
    Want to have happy employees and protect your bottom line? For the cost of a cup of coffee a week, you can provide security for staff and protect profit! With Group Insurance, you may cover pre-existing health issues & get wholesale pricing.
    Employees benefits

Key Person Cover

Eight Suppliers - Multiple Options

What are the most important parts of your business? Your products or services, your location, your intellectual property, your patents, your process's, your systems or other areas?

Yes, these are all important, but without the "Key People" to operate these systems, sell your products or services, develop your patents and process's, then these other important parts do not work.

You business effectively says to you: "Give me the resources, the goods, the services, the patents, the process's etc and give me the best people and I will make you profit".

How do you define a "KEY PERSON" for your business?

One way is to take a little time and "play God" with the employees in you business.

If tomorrow you were told that one of your Employees (possibly a Key Employee) was not able to come to work as he/she had just died in a car accident, or had suffered a stroke and has lost all speech, ask yourself:

  • "X" may be replaceable in time, but what will be the immediate financial impact on my business? (How do you cope when your key people are on holiday?)
  • How would that employee loss, impact my bottom line financially?
  • Is this financial impact minimal or catastrophic to my business?
  • Is there another person like "X" that I could persuade to join my business? How much would that cost me?
  • Do I need to invest in training costs for a replacement person or another employee to replace "X"?
  • Are we exposed to contract guarantees if "X" is unable to work?
  • What about personal guarantees? Will my business be unable to complete current projects & contracts?
  • Will my bank lose confidence in my business and demand that I pay back their loans? (also see separate Debt Cover)
  • Will my biggest customers stop doing business with me?
  • Will my biggest suppliers demand payments and stop selling to me on credit?
  • Will my other employees resign because of the uncertainty of the future of my business?
  • Will my business lose the goodwill I've been working so hard to gain?
  • Will I lose my competitive advantage to the competition?
  • What will happen to our market share if "X" was absent or our marketing manager disappeared?
  • Will I lose so much income that I may have to sell some of my business assets to pay my debts and expenses?
  • Are decisions deferred until "X" returns from holiday?
  • Do sales decline when "X" has four weeks well-earned rest?
  • What specialist roles are performed by "X" or any other one person in my business?
  • Who will initiate and nurture our strategic relationships if "X" or another key Person is absent?
  • Who will be able to run our state-of-the-art computer network?
  • Is there any intellectual knowledge tied up in the minds of one of my Key Employees?
  • Who will handle our production requirements if our manager was not there?
  • Besides me, who else really matters in making my business succeed?
  • Am I one of these "KEY PEOPLE?

What events do you address?

  1. Death - lump sum cover
  2. Trauma - lump sum cover
  3. Total and Permanent Disablement - lump sum cover
  4. Temporary Total Disablement - monthly payment for a defined term (also see Revenue Cover)
How do you establish the sum assured?
  1. Assess the cost of replacement, training, acquisition costs,
  2. To replace the loss of income due to death or disability of a key person.
  3. To cover expenses.
  4. To pay debts and accounts payable.
  5. To protect your assets (also see seperate Debt Cover)
  6. To borrow money from banks or investors.
  7. Additional funds to let your banks, customers, creditors, and employees know, that if anything should happen to you or your key people, then your business will still have the financial resources to keep going.
  8. Other affected areas.
  9. Immediate cash is what is important "Cash is King!"

What is the probability that at least one of the Key persons in your business will die or become disabled before the age of 65?


Ages Death Disability Ages Death Disability

Two Key People

Three Key People
30/39 27% 55% 30/30/30 39% 73%
35/35 27% 55% 35/35/35 37% 73%
40/40 26% 53% 40/40/40 36% 71%
45/45 24% 53% 45/45/45 34% 71%
50/50 22% 51% 50/50/50 32% 69%
30/35 28% 55% 30/35/40 37% 73%
35/40 26% 54% 35/40/45 36% 72%
40/45 25% 53% 40/45/50 34% 70%
Source: - Chance of death NZ Life Tables 98-00 - Chance of Disability - AXA NZ