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    Multiple suppliers , multiple benefits covering multiple events. Full, Limited or Non-Advice models to match your need & budget. You have the choice to Choose!
    Will they be financially independant, if you died prematurely? Would they loose their income stream? Would they be exposed to debt they can't service? Life cover will negate these issues!
    Life Cover
    Life insurance will remove debt for your family if you died from cancer, do the same, if you survive! Cover up to forty-eight events! Trauma cover gives you the choice, to choose!
    Trauma Insurance
    Life can change in a Milli-second. Would your Family, your Future, your Retirement plans, your Dreams be at risk if you could never work again? Total and Permanent Disablement will cover this event!
    Total and Permanent Disability Cover
    Can you survive without your income? How would your Mortgage/rent be paid? Who will put food on your table? What is the longest holiday you can take before you need to get back to work? Insure the "front door" to your future, your Income!
    Income Protection
    Can you jump the medical waiting list or will you wait until your condition gets worse, to get better?  Can you fund the newer non-subsidized designer drugs? With Private medical cover, you can choose to get better today!
    Medical Cover
    "Cash is King" You insure your business plant, machinery and buildings, why not "YOUR KEYPEOPLE"? Revenue leads to profit. Would your profit be impacted if a Key Person died or was disabled? Use revenue contracts to provide cashflow!
    Revenue Cover
    Shareholder Equity is a valiuable asset. Protect it, using Shareholder's cover. Could your co-shareholders fund out the value of your equity to your estate, if you died or could never work again?
    Shareholder Cover
    Want to have happy employees and protect your bottom line? For the cost of a cup of coffee a week, you can provide security for staff and protect profit! With Group Insurance, you may cover pre-existing health issues & get wholesale pricing.
    Employees benefits


Eight Suppliers - Multiple Options

These are similar to Income disability benefits but differ in a number of ways.

  • They are not income contracts, so normally do not require proof of income at application or claim time.

  • However they may require proof of a mortgage at application time and

  • Some will only pay the lesser of your mortgage payment or the sum assured whichever is the lesser.

  • Some do not require proof of a mortgage at claim time but most are of an agreed nature (if you no longer have a mortgage at claim time they may revert to a normal income contract and have offsets)

  • They are typically tax free benefits and the premium should not be claimed as a tax deduction against income (expense- consult accountant).

  • They do not offset ACC or ongoing income (except as per above).

  • If you have a mortgage disability contract and a normal Income disability income contract the insurance company may reduce the benefit paid under the disability income plan if the combined benefit is over 75% of the disabled's income.

  • Some companies will allow you to cover up to 150% of your mortgage payment.

  • You can select a wait period that suits (2/4/8/13/26/52 weeks etc) and

  • You can select a payment term (1/2/5 years, to age 65/70)

We tend to prefer these style of contracts ahead of income disability income contracts, provided the client:

  • Has a mortgage of a sufficient amount that they would be financially impacted if the mortgage could not be paid if they or their spouse/partner were disabled due to accident or illness.

  • They could survive on the spouse/partners income provided an insurance company paid the full mortgage payment (or a portion).

  • You didn't need to insure to your full 75% of income entitlement

  • These contract seem to be less complicated and have less "fish-hooks"

If you or your spouse/partner were off work due to an accident or illness and we had an insurance company paying your mortgage payment, would your spouse/partner be able to pay the power, phone etc and "put food on the table"?