Example Frame
    Multiple suppliers , multiple benefits covering multiple events. Full, Limited or Non-Advice models to match your need & budget. You have the choice to Choose!
    Will they be financially independant, if you died prematurely? Would they loose their income stream? Would they be exposed to debt they can't service? Life cover will negate these issues!
    Life Cover
    Life insurance will remove debt for your family if you died from cancer, do the same, if you survive! Cover up to forty-eight events! Trauma cover gives you the choice, to choose!
    Trauma Insurance
    Life can change in a Milli-second. Would your Family, your Future, your Retirement plans, your Dreams be at risk if you could never work again? Total and Permanent Disablement will cover this event!
    Total and Permanent Disability Cover
    Can you survive without your income? How would your Mortgage/rent be paid? Who will put food on your table? What is the longest holiday you can take before you need to get back to work? Insure the "front door" to your future, your Income!
    Income Protection
    Can you jump the medical waiting list or will you wait until your condition gets worse, to get better?  Can you fund the newer non-subsidized designer drugs? With Private medical cover, you can choose to get better today!
    Medical Cover
    "Cash is King" You insure your business plant, machinery and buildings, why not "YOUR KEYPEOPLE"? Revenue leads to profit. Would your profit be impacted if a Key Person died or was disabled? Use revenue contracts to provide cashflow!
    Revenue Cover
    Shareholder Equity is a valiuable asset. Protect it, using Shareholder's cover. Could your co-shareholders fund out the value of your equity to your estate, if you died or could never work again?
    Shareholder Cover
    Want to have happy employees and protect your bottom line? For the cost of a cup of coffee a week, you can provide security for staff and protect profit! With Group Insurance, you may cover pre-existing health issues & get wholesale pricing.
    Employees benefits

About AIA New Zealand
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We've rebranded to AIA New Zealand

I am delighted to officially announce that we've re-branded from AIG Life to AIA New Zealand as at 14 September 2009.
The name change reflects our position as a member of the AIA Group - a leading pan-Asia-Pacific life insurance organisation with a unique heritage of serving the world's most dynamic region for 90 years. It is one part of a wider re-branding initiative that has seen a bold, new AIA visual identity introduced across the Asia-Pacific

Andries van Graan
Director of National Sales
Sept 2009
Until recently AIA New Zealand was known as AIG Life. Our name change now aligns us with our Asian roots, making it easier for customers to recognise the international significance of our brand.

Since the company arrived in New Zealand in 1982, we've consistently provided the market with innovative personal and business insurance products that suit the kiwi way of life. Today we're a market leader, offering a complete range of risk management products.

It's always been our strategy to sell our products through independent financial advisers, aware that their aim is to provide clients with informed, unbiased advice. Our products perform very well in this 'open market' sales situation, because the size of our global operation allows us to provide exceptional benefits and value for money.

AIA New Zealand is based in Takapuna with regional offices in Wellington, Hamilton and Christchurch. However, through our adviser network, we reach every corner of the country.

AIA New Zealand is a member of the Investment Savings and Insurance Association (ISI), the Insurance & Savings Ombudsman Scheme (ISO) and Health Funds Association of New Zealand (HFANZ).

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