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    Multiple suppliers , multiple benefits covering multiple events. Full, Limited or Non-Advice models to match your need & budget. You have the choice to Choose!
    Will they be financially independant, if you died prematurely? Would they loose their income stream? Would they be exposed to debt they can't service? Life cover will negate these issues!
    Life Cover
    Life insurance will remove debt for your family if you died from cancer, do the same, if you survive! Cover up to forty-eight events! Trauma cover gives you the choice, to choose!
    Trauma Insurance
    Life can change in a Milli-second. Would your Family, your Future, your Retirement plans, your Dreams be at risk if you could never work again? Total and Permanent Disablement will cover this event!
    Total and Permanent Disability Cover
    Can you survive without your income? How would your Mortgage/rent be paid? Who will put food on your table? What is the longest holiday you can take before you need to get back to work? Insure the "front door" to your future, your Income!
    Income Protection
    Can you jump the medical waiting list or will you wait until your condition gets worse, to get better?  Can you fund the newer non-subsidized designer drugs? With Private medical cover, you can choose to get better today!
    Medical Cover
    "Cash is King" You insure your business plant, machinery and buildings, why not "YOUR KEYPEOPLE"? Revenue leads to profit. Would your profit be impacted if a Key Person died or was disabled? Use revenue contracts to provide cashflow!
    Revenue Cover
    Shareholder Equity is a valiuable asset. Protect it, using Shareholder's cover. Could your co-shareholders fund out the value of your equity to your estate, if you died or could never work again?
    Shareholder Cover
    Want to have happy employees and protect your bottom line? For the cost of a cup of coffee a week, you can provide security for staff and protect profit! With Group Insurance, you may cover pre-existing health issues & get wholesale pricing.
    Employees benefits
Our Logo

Our Logo constantly reminds us of our commitment to YOU! ("YOUBRELLA")


©The Handle - Denotes YOUYOU decide what and how much cover YOU need. YOU decide who to place your business with (there are eleven suppliers). YOU decide how much of your budget YOU want to commit. YOU HAVE ULTIMATE CONTROL.
©The Shaft - Denotes Us. We are the link between YOU and the providers and the covers YOU select. We stand with YOU ensuring that things happen when they should, that the providers listen to your wants and needs.
©The Spines - Denotes Our Suppliers. YOU can select services and products from ten different providers, for Personal, Business and Group needs. These are strong providers - all with high credit ratings - all within the top ten providers. We believe insurance is about claim time - about being strong and there to pay claims with out fuss, without delay!
©The Canopy - Denotes the Products and Services. The events that trigger insurance are simple, but the products can be complicated. Products are changing regularily. Comprehensive understanding is vital. We commit up to 20 hours per supplier per year to be trained on new and revised products for YOU. That's up to 180 hours /year of commitment to your protection!!
©The Button - Your Trigger (Most immportant at claim time). Insurance is not about application time, or while things are going great.IT IS ALL ABOUT CLAIM TIME ("that is where the rubber meets the road"). That is when YOU know if YOU have good cover or cover full of holes and conditions. Our vision is to provide excellent cover at an excellent price, but never making a decision on price alone. You never want to buy a cheap parachute!
©The Pointy Bit - Give us a jab if things aren't right. We are human and sometimes we, or the insurance providers YOU select may slip up, or are not performing as YOU may like or expect. Give us a jab! We promise to respond in the quickest timeframe possible.

©The Hazards- The Events to Address. Life is full of hazards and insurance can provide an answer, but it is not the only way of solving a problem. If there are other ways to solve a problem, we will help YOU find them, but insurance has always proven to be a cost effective solution to provide financial support when trauma events happen.

Ask yourself some of the following questions:

  • What would happen to your family if you died prematurely or became terminally ill? Would the bank manager call up the mortgage?
  • What happens to your finances, if you suffer an event and will never work againAre there people who will legally challenge your estate?
  • If tomorrow you were diagnosed with cancer, had a heart attack or stoke, would you like a "Get Well" card or a cheque for $500,000?
  • If you were off work for a period of time, would your family survive? Who would pay the mortgage? Could you still put food on the table?
  • If you had to have an operation, would you prefer to go on a waiting list or get it sorted tomorrow? Private medical cover gives you choices!
  • If your business partner died yesterday, would your business survive? Or do you now own a Lemon?
  • If you died tomorrow, would your fellow shareholders be able to fund out your equity in your business to your estate? Or are these shareholders now in business with your spouse/children or your Legal advisers? Is that what you want?
  • Would your bank call up all loans over your assets if you died tomorrow? Probably, if you have given personal guarantees!
  • Have you given personal guarantees for any personal or business debt or any debt held by third parties? Have you given personal guarantees to your children for their mortgage debt? Do you know you could be seriously exposed?
  • Are you policies owned correctly? If you have debt within a family Trust, will funds floww to the correct recipient unhindered?
  • If you have a family trust and you are a trustee, are you acting prudently for the Trust? You could be legally liable if not!
  • Would you like to investigate options regarding Employee benefits including medical cover or risk covers using LifeTPD,Trauma or Income CoversOffer an employee a 17-cent/hour payrise and they may scoff at you, but provide in-hospital medical cover (for the same cost), they will thank you for ever!
These are just a few of the hazards we address with insurance products designed to provide guaranteed solutions.
If you have any concerns in these areas, we would be happy to discuss with you if Insurance is able to provide a solution.